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Magazine Vanguardia (24.8 - 4.9 2006)

Fourleged Therapists - Horses and Dogs cure Depression and ancieties". Animals as Nurses!



AM-EN FOUNDATION tought riding Therapy and therapy with dogs to Army (caballery) and national Police in Ecuador and other Southamerican Countries. To day both institutions work for the disabled!






Although I enjoyed all aspects of working at the Fundacion Amen, the highlight was working with the children with special needs. I had the privilege of meeting several people whom had been participating in the program for some time, and they are living testament to the effectiveness of this progressive therapy treatment. I could see the pleasure and tranquility it brought it to each child involved, whether it was their first day or their third year . From the friendly volunteers to the knowledgeable full-time staff, I appreciated the positive and constructive atmosphere. My only regret at the Fundacion was that I was only able to work for six weeks, and I would love to return one day. Ben Volmer bvollmer90@gmail.com