General presentation



In 1990 Heidi Páliz began giving horse therapy in with 2 horses and 4 children. The foundation now attends more than 400 people and the number of children who would love to be taken care of increases daily.

The Love and Energy Foundation “AM-EN” is a non-profit civil organization for social development, created in the Ministry of Social Welfare in by means of agreement #1843 in October of 1995, to promote the health and the social integration of the people with disabilities and low economic resources.

Since its creation, “AM-EN” has worked in the rehabilitation and recreation of people with disabilities through therapeutic riding.




The name of the foundation


AM-EN means Love and Energy - since all we are and everything is energy, energy can heal us or let us remain healthy as well. And love is the greatest energy that exists, it is the essence of our being and our universe. The saying that “love can move mountains” is very true, and if the love can move mountains, together love and the energy will be able to do even much more! Love can cure everything.





 The sign of the foundation - our logo



The ”laid down eight” means flowing energy, eternity and infinity. It symbolizes the overcoming of the matter by the spirit and the beginning of life. The circle in its center symbolizes in addition love, eternity, spiritual harmony and the whole. This is how our logo symbolizes “Love and Energy.”


The objectives of the foundation


Ø      To help in the physical and mental development of children with disabilities


Ø      To give healthy people a method or a medium to prevent diseases and to improve their quality of life


Ø      To give psychopedagogic support through programs especially designed for children and young people on the basis of alternative methods through therapies that offer direct contact with nature and domestic animals


Ø      To develop activities to promote and to spread these methods into different fields, sorts and expressions


Ø      To help raise the acceptance of the disabled in their families and to make aware of the necessity to support their development and well-being


Ø      To distribute alternative therapeutic methods on a National and subregional level and to optimize the life of the person with disability


Ø      To support the total incorporation of disabled persons into society which would allow them to participate in several activities, and also to support a healthy coexistence and a respectful treatment by the other members of the society


Ø      To promote the incorporation of children and young people with disabilities, to the working life, within their given potential


Ø      To establish factories, to offer seminaries, conferences and other educative courses in order to realize the aims and objectives mentioned before


Ø      To initiate or to fortify relations with national and international organizations that have similar purposes, in order to cooperate and to exchange experiences in these fields


Ø      The main objective of this foundation is to motivate all people especially  disabled children, to wake up a new desire to live in them, to prevent and to resist diseases, trying as far as possible to cure them, and, in any case, to improve the quality of life for everyone.



We are members of the following institutions:


Riding for the Disable Association (RDA) in ,

RDA Riding for the Disabled, ,

Federation of ONG’s Providence of Pichincha

CONADIS (National Council of Disabled) Quito,

National Network of Disabled Providence of Pichincha

Charter member of the Council of Health and Development, Tumbaco


The used methods 


We are entering a new era characterized by great changes in all spheres - new knowledge, new connections and communication; thus there are changes in the field of rehabilitation and therapies. Therefore we approach health from another point of view - health is to live in harmony.

We believe that a global rehabilitation is a necessity, in which, on the one hand, all aspects should be included (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) that integrate the human being whom we are treating, and on the other hand, that the diverse conventional therapies should interact with alternative ones. 

We have introduced hippotherapy to and are applying it with really surprising results. We have combined the horse therapy (hippotherapy) with conventional, traditional and alternative therapies like:



  • General Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Lama therapy
  • Therapy of language
  • Digitopuntura
  • Occupational therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Therapy of Flowers of Bach,
  • Music therapy
  • Theater and circus therapy 
  •  Special Education and others

and we teach the families about alimentation, natural remedies, daily exercises to improve their health and living standard, we also show them the value of living in harmony and the importance of emotions.

All the therapeutic techniques we use are approved, therefore at the present time there is a great number of people wanting to be treated. Many of these techniques have a long tradition, some are going back to more than a millennium. We also have a general doctor who makes diagnosis, control and medical pursuit of our patients and works with the community in general.

In addition to the therapies, the foundation tries to obtain godfathers for children of limited economic resources so that they monthly receive a scholarship to be able to go to school. These godfathers generally are Germans.

In 1997 the association AM-EN Förderverein e.V. was founded in Munich (), It is an organization dedicated to obtain funds in Europe for AM-EN in .


Whom does AM-EN treat?



AM-EN treats people of all ages, healthy or ill, rich or poor and, of all race and religion.


The Goal of the Foundation:



The goal of AM-EN is to promote health and social integration of the people with disabilities and their not-exclusion. Our work is focused especially towards children with disabilities and poor children, but we recognize the importance of supporting the whole family in the rehabilitation process.





The Municipality of Quito , has lent us 5 hectares of land, where the Foundation has constructed:

1 riding hall (1.070m² )

1 riding field (1.070m² )

1 cafeteria (40m² )

administrative area (107m²):

2 therapy rooms

1 office

recreacional paths (2.000m² )

area of gardens (4 hectares)

parking lot (144m²)



All this was possible through the kind donations that we have received from: 



The Embassy of , Provincial Council of Pichincha, Ministry of Public Work

SKN - Holland, Embassy of  German Church, USAID in Femmes Association d' Europe of AM-EN Förderverein e.V. Munich .




We have  volunteers  from all over the world, professionals and young people who just wont to help. They give a lot and they learn a lot! We couldn’t work without them.  

To multiply the effects of our therapies we do seminaries and work shops training them in hippotherapy and “Rehabilitation and Integral Recreation for Disabled based on the horse therapy” for professionals of the branch, the cavalry of the Armed Forces of Ecuador and the National Police at national level.

These seminaries have been held for 5 years, successfully, thanks to the support of the United Nations´s “United Nation Voluntary Fund for Disability” in Quito , Loja, Ibarra, Cuenca , Otavalo, Machala , Portoviejo , Santo Domingo de los Colorados , Sangolquí and Tumbaco. Seminaries were not only attended by professionals from , but also by professionals from the neighboring country , whole Central America, , , DR and Brasil..

We do seminaries for the parents of the disabled children, for roughly treated women, single mothers, and also seminaries in association with the Association VIVIR in alimentation.

We have begun with lama therapy, we are pioneers in the accomplishment of this Andean therapy, and we have been able to observe that these very beautiful, smooth and docile animals attract the attention and the affection of the children. This therapy is ideal to introduce in the remote areas of the Andean countries because it stimulates early and can be practiced easily in remote areas where there is no other help possible.

Altogether with the Council of Health of the Valley of Tumbaco , to which we belong, we are working in favor of the health of the inhabitants of the sector.





Although I enjoyed all aspects of working at the Fundacion Amen, the highlight was working with the children with special needs. I had the privilege of meeting several people whom had been participating in the program for some time, and they are living testament to the effectiveness of this progressive therapy treatment. I could see the pleasure and tranquility it brought it to each child involved, whether it was their first day or their third year . From the friendly volunteers to the knowledgeable full-time staff, I appreciated the positive and constructive atmosphere. My only regret at the Fundacion was that I was only able to work for six weeks, and I would love to return one day. Ben Volmer