Global Rehabilitation

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AM-EN has introduced in Ecuador and other Latin American countries a new and innovative methodology called "Integral Rehabilitation on the basis of Hipotherapy".

In this method riding therapy (can also be performed with lamas or donkeys) is used as basis for other therapies.

While riding therapeutically, the alpha waves of the patient increase, he/she relaxes, learns more easily physically and mentally, taking full advantage of the following therapies.


- Conventional Therapies:

Physiotherapy, language therapy, occupational therapy, among others


- Alternative Therapies:

Theatre therapy, music therapy, hydrotherapy, digitopuncture, energy therapies, art therapy (clay, painting), aroma therapy, therapy with dogs.


- Exercises:

Complementing or instead of therapies (standing up, walking, boxing, playing with amimals, among others)






The patient establishes contact with the horse, donkey or llama, the therapists and woluntaries, also getting to know the environment.




The patient rides on a horse, lays down on the horses back, in different positions or sits on a horse together with a volunteer. There have been similar results with other riding animals.



Application of other therapies and/ or exercises

Conventional therapies (physiotherapy, language therapy, among others), alternative therapies (theatre therapy, music therapy, clay therapy, art therapy, energy therapy, ampng others) and exervises after riding therapy.




Although I enjoyed all aspects of working at the Fundacion Amen, the highlight was working with the children with special needs. I had the privilege of meeting several people whom had been participating in the program for some time, and they are living testament to the effectiveness of this progressive therapy treatment. I could see the pleasure and tranquility it brought it to each child involved, whether it was their first day or their third year . From the friendly volunteers to the knowledgeable full-time staff, I appreciated the positive and constructive atmosphere. My only regret at the Fundacion was that I was only able to work for six weeks, and I would love to return one day. Ben Volmer