AMEN is a non-profit making charity. Most of the people who receive therapy cannot afford to pay for the sessions. AM-EN relies almost exclusively on international grants and donations.

The Foundation Amor y Energía (love and energy) AM-EN is an independent, non- profit charitable organization committed to the social development of handicapped
children and young people.


Since its establishment the foundation has worked in the area of the rehabilitation of people with disabilities through riding therapy and other conventional and alternative therapies.

Based in the developing country of
in South America , AM-EN was founded in 1995 by the German citizen Heidi Paliz. The United Nation Voluntary Fund for Disability sponsored it from 1999 until 2005. Their mandate was as a training project at a national level in and sub regional level in Central America as well as , , and .

Children, whose physicians had stated would never be able to speak or walk, have, after some time at the Foundation, started to make their first steps and pronounce their first words.

AM-EN also rescues horses, which are often badly treated in South America . Many of these older horses can earn their living through working with the handicapped children.

The AM-EN Foundation
can only exist with the support and financial assistance of the AM-EN PROMOTION ASSOCIATION e.V. MUNICH
(recognized non-profit association, pc. No. 842/168 28 tax office 
Munich )

There are over 1.6 million people registered with disabilities in
. The disabled are excluded from almost all educational, occupational and social opportunities. Medical treatment for adults and children with disabilities is minimal. Only 3% of
the disabled population have access to a medical doctor or a professional therapist.


Foundation AMEN provides a therapeutic centre for children and adults with disabilities.




Although I enjoyed all aspects of working at the Fundacion Amen, the highlight was working with the children with special needs. I had the privilege of meeting several people whom had been participating in the program for some time, and they are living testament to the effectiveness of this progressive therapy treatment. I could see the pleasure and tranquility it brought it to each child involved, whether it was their first day or their third year . From the friendly volunteers to the knowledgeable full-time staff, I appreciated the positive and constructive atmosphere. My only regret at the Fundacion was that I was only able to work for six weeks, and I would love to return one day. Ben Volmer bvollmer90@gmail.com